2022 – Associate Specialist/ Postdoctoral Fellow at UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences


2021 –  2022  Faculty of Natural Sciences at AIMS Community College


2016 – 2022   University of California, Merced: Ph.D. in Quantitative & Systems Biology

2013 – 2016   Purdue University: M.S. in Biology

2009 – 2013   PES University: B.E in Biotechnology


2021 Fred and Mitzie Ruiz Fellowship ($1,000)

2021 QSB Remote Teaching and Research Fellowship ($1,000)

2021 Grad Slam runner up – Click here for link.

2021 Spring QSB Virtual Conference Award ($200)

2021 GROW Fellowship ($1,000)

2020 GROW Fellowship ($2,000)

2020 SNS Dean’s Fellowship ($3,506)

2020 Outstanding Graduate Student of The Year Award

2019 Southern California Edison Fellowship ($9,800)

2018 Dr. Donald and Effie Godbold Fellowship ($1,000)

2018 Outstanding Women’s Award

2017 Graduate Student Opportunity Program ($42,345)

2016 Quantitative & Systems Biology Graduate Group Recruitment Fellowship ($5,000)

2016 Southern California Edison Recruitment Fellowship ($4,000)

2015 Graduate Research Award, Purdue University, USA ($750)

2015, 2014 Graduate Aide, Purdue University, USA

2013 Academic Achievement Award, University of Florida, USA

2012 Student Assistantship Program Award, PES University, India

Recurrent Fellowships

2017, 2020, 2021 QSB Summer Research Fellowship ($6,500)

2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 Consecutive Distinction Awards for academic performance,
PES University, India


Megha Suswaram*, U. Bhat, J.D. Yeakel. Rising above the noise: The influence of population dynamics on the evolution of acoustic signaling. (in review) Evolution – biorxiv

Megha Suswaram*, J.D. Yeakel, C. Gokhale. Parasitoid pressures and silence evolution (in review) Proceedings of the Royal Society B – biorxiv

D. Nandi, Megha Suswaram* and R. Balakrishnan. A sensory ecological perspective on mate sampling strategies using simulation models and an empirical test. (2017)  biorxiv

Megha Suswaram*, C. Creighton, M. Belk. Does communal breeding promote an increase in social immunity in burying beetles? A test case with Nicrophorus defodiens. (2016) Purdue University Press  biorxiv


Virtual Stand Alone Conference of The American Society of Naturalists – 2021

Gordon Research Conference on Speciation (GRC) – 2019, Ventura, CA

Gordon Research Seminar on Speciation (GRS) – 2019, Ventura, CA

Northern California Computational Biology (NCCB) – 2018, University of California, San Francisco

Northern California Computational Biology (NCCB) – 2017, University of California, Santa Cruz

Evolution – 2017, Portland, Oregon


Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics – 2017, Friday Harbor, WA