Field Work

Texas- Presidio Border – March 2017

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Death Valley, CA – Aug 2016

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It was the ending of summer when the first week of classes started; Kinsey (fellow lab PhD) and Alex a herpetologist from Israel Tel Aviv University took me on my first reptile herping experience.  We photographed some amazing lizards – Sceloporus- the spiny lizards, Callisaurus – the zebra tailed lizards, the whiptail lizards uda and so on. The Sceloporus were really beautiful creatures, majestic in their approach. They are brightly colored animals during mating seasons and have visual cues. I saw one of the zebra tailed lizard courting a female. It was an addicting experience. The death valley had soaring temperatures!!! It was 109F at 4pm and it didn’t seem to cool down even at night.  And the surprise element in the trip was, we saw a sidewinder rattlesnake. Herpetology is addictive for sure!

Big Falls Wisconsin

September 2014, May – June 2015

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Burying beetles used in my master’s thesis experiments were captured in central Wisconsin during May and June 2015, using pitfall traps baited with aged chicken.